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What makes ADT a great choice?

With more than 140 years of experience and over 7 million clients across the US & Canada, ADT is well known as the largest and the most trusted home security system providers. With the large group of clients and each client’s individual preferences, there is nothing ADT can’t do.

ADT offers broad range of services, starting from simple home monitoring systems to complete smart home overhaul, with capabilities to control the system using your mobile phone or even voice commands. ADT’s professional will review your needs and wishes, to create a system that matches perfectly.

ADT is also well known for their life-saving medical bracelets and necklaces. They work anywhere in the world and are directly connected to emergency dispatchers. The wireless network and water-proof capability will ensure you’re always safe, no matter where you go.

Every system is professionally monitored by the experienced ADT’s monitoring team. The will monitor your system 24/7 and won’t let any suspicious activity go unnoticed. If any emergency arises, you will receive a notification and monitoring will take care off the situation.

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The Good

140 years of experience

6-Month Money Back Guarantee

$500 Theft Protection Guarantee

The Less Good

Contract required

No DIY installation option

Can be more expensive than competitors

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Our Favorite Features of ADT Home Security System.


Digital Panel

Modern and sleek digital panel with Touchscreen to help you control your home from a central location.


ADT Indoor Cameras

ADT's motion-activated indoor cameras provide a clear and crisp image in 720p HD quality so you can see anything that's happening in your house. Cameras come with Night Vision technology to make sure nothing escapes your sight even in low-light or dark envioronment.


ADT Outdoor Camera

With smart motions sensors and crystal clear HD quality, cameras will track any activity outside your house. Day and night. Rain or Shine. Yes, the cameras have night vision – clear as the daylight and are also waterproof to protect again rain or snow.


ADT Doorbell Camera

Keep an eye on who's at your door without leaving your room or from across the world. Talk to them via 2-Way Talk feature.


ADT Motion Sensor

Monitor movements in any room. Trigger lights and video surveillance by motion with certain monitoring packages. ADT Motion Sensors are pet-friendly (upto 80lbs) so you don't have to worry about false alarms if you have pets at home.


ADT Door/Window Sensors

Know as soon as someone enters or leaves your home. The door and window sensor notify you as soon as any door or window is opened.


ADT Smoke Detectors


ADT Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Flood Sensors


Emergency Button

Similar to a Panic Button that can alert a monitoring representative in case of an emergency or a fall. Especially helpful if you have any elderly members in your house.


ADT Smart Lights and Bulbs

With ADT smart lights and bulbs, you won’t have to return to a dark home ever again. You can switch them on or off remotely through the ADT mobile app and even create custom automations, so they automatically turn on when you want them too. Setup is easy as the smart bulbs feature universal compatibility.

"Did you know that burglars almost never choose a home that has the lights on?"


ADT Smart Lock

If you've ever lost your keys, then you know how frustrating the search for them can be. Or if you've ever been locked out of your home.

That’s where the smart lock comes in. Smart lock enables keyless entry. You can unlock (and lock) the doors using mobile phone app. The feature works on multiple users, which means - you can give mobile access to everyone who needs access to your home.


ADT Mobile App

The ADT mobile app gives you full control over your home no matter where you are. Each smart device can be connected to and controlled with your phone.

Control your lights. Lock and unlock the doors. View live videos from your cameras and receive alerts for any suspicious activity. These are just few of the things the mobile app can do. You can also set up custom alerts and notifications.



Check on your kids when they get home from school? Keep an eye on family member who went for a run – alone in the woods? With ADT Go® you can enable Family Location Sharing and check on your loved ones. If any emergency arises (let’s hope it never does) the app features SOS Button which can alert ADT’s monitoring team. From there, they will send the necessary help.

Packages and Pricing

ADT Traditional Package

Looking for a simple, yet effective home security solution? ADT Traditional package is the one you need.

With the Traditional package you’ll receive signage for your windows and yard, sensors to track the activities in and around your house, and in case anything suspicious happens - the high-decibel alarm will go off. For easy control of the system, you’ll receive a digital panel with the most secure cellular connection.

Packages also includes 24/7 monitoring, ensuring – no suspicious activity goes unnoticed.

Equipment included:
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Essential home security equipment
    • Digital panel
    • Alarm
    • Sensors
    • Signage for your windows and yard
  • Cellular connection (the most secure)

ADT Control Package

Including, the equipment from Traditional package, the Control package stands for its title and provides full control over the security system with ADT mobile app, and home automation features.

With this package you can choose any of the add-on smart home devices. Adjustable lights, electrical plugs and even door locks. Using the mobile app, you will be able to fully control each device, even if you’re located far away from your home.

Did you know - burglars almost never choose a home with the lights on?

Turn them on, before leaving home, with a single tap on your mobile app!

If you’re looking for simple security system, with convenient automation capabilities Control package is amongst your best choices.

Equipment included:
  • Everything from the Traditional Package
  • Home automation capabilities
  • The ADT mobile app

ADT Video Package

If you’re looking for the best possible home security solution, then the Video Package is for you. The Video package includes all of the features from previous packages and adds video-enhanced protection.

This package includes both: indoor and outdoor cameras. You can monitor every room, every corner around your house and the front of your doorstep. Day and night. The cameras will provide crystal clear footage even in the dark, and can be connected to your mobile app, so you can view the video footage from anywhere in the world.

If you want the best possible security and the most possible comfort for your family, the Video Package is a clear choice.

Equipment included:
  • Everything from the Traditional and Control Package
  • Video monitoring
  • Live video and video clips for triggered events

Compare ADT Packages

Monthly payments include both: the equipment and monitoring costs. And the prices vary by the package and features you’ve chosen. For a simple security system pricing starts at $28.99/mo., but can go up to $50.99/mo. for more complex system that include video cameras or home automation features.

Traditional Package Control Package Video Package
Starting price $28.99/mo. $42.99/mo. $50.99/mo.
24/7 monitoring
Basic equipment included
Remote access
Smart home integration
Mobile notifications
Watch video on your mobile device(s)

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Full list of features

Mobile Alerts

In case of an emergency ADT’s monitoring service immediately notifies the alarm owners and their preferred contacts, such as neighbors or other family members. Mobile alerts will keep you updated from anywhere in the world.

24/7 Monitoring

ADT includes 24/7 service to dispatch police, fire and medical responders.

ADT also offers medical alert bracelets, which alert dispatchers in case of emergency, no matter where you’re located.

Wireless Security

ADT uses both: hardware and wireless equipment. Wireless equipment will ensure, your house won’t be cluttered with cables and won’t require creating holes in your walls. Wireless installation supports following equipment: remote monitoring, remote control and home automation.

NOTE: Some of the equipment uses only hardwired installation.

Surveillance Cameras

With ADT’s cameras you can not only see the visitor, but also respond from anywhere in the world. Cameras can be set both; indoors and outdoors, and include night vision.

Professional Installation

ADT sets your safety as top priority. All systems are installed by professionals - ensuring flawless functionality and long-lasting reliability.

Home Automation

ADT also takes care of your comfort with technologies, such as: light control, climate adjustments and more. They can be controlled with your phone or even voice recognition.

Remote Control

Remote control is another convenient way to control the features of your system. It’s built as a keychain and has buttons to arm and disarm the house. It also has a built-in panic buttons connecting you directly with emergency dispatchers.

Hardwired Security

After installing millions of systems, ADT is internationally recognized as a leader in hardwired security. Whether you’re a first time customer or moving system to a new home, ADT will install it for free.

Medical Products

ADT stands apart from competitors with their medical security products. Their medical necklaces and bracelets built in access to dispatchers and in case of emergency – they automatically send location data to the dispatchers, even from the other side of the world.

Same-Day or Next-day Service

Once you’ve chosen your package, professional technician will deliver and install it, in the next day or two, with no extra cost.

Homeowner’s Insurance Certificate

You might be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. Check with your insurance agency, if they agree, we’ll provide certificate for your insurer.

6-Month Money Back Guarantee

You will receive full refund for installation and monitoring fees if you’re dissatisfied for any reason.

Movers Savings Package

If you’ve been an ADT customer for six months or more, you qualify for our special Mover’s package, with ADT discounts for your new home, plus 25% off additional devices.

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ADT installation fees

ADT Home Security system requires professional installation. Installation fee is one-time and typically ranges from $99.99 up to $199.99 for the most complex set-ups. Professional installation ensures flawless functionality and eradicates the worries about any future complications.

Equipment costs and monitoring plan costs are combined into one monthly payment and can be seen in the table below:

ADT Package Monthly Cost Installation Cost
ADT Traditional Starting at $28.99 Starting at $99.99
ADT Control Starting at $42.99 Starting at $99.99
ADT Video Starting at $50.99 Starting at $99.99

How to order?

With three existing packages and countless additional devices available, ADT will provide you with the solution that suits your home perfectly. Simply, choose your starting package and add the preferred additional devices. According to your choice, you will receive a monitoring plan.

You'll have to sign a 24-month or 36-month contract, yet they offer a 6-month money-back guarantee in case you’re not fully satisfied.

With the extensive experience and over 7 million clients protected, ADT is a trust-worthy choice for protection and comfort of your family.

Choose the experienced, internationally leading home security provider and join the 7 million large ADT family!

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