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What makes Frontpoint Security a great choice?

Frontpoint Home Security system is one of easiest to install and setup out of all the security systems available today. FrontPoint is well-known for their excellent customer service and ease of installation. Just a quick call to discuss your needs is all it takes to receive your equipment and clear, step-by-step instructions for setting it up. Everything comes ready for use - right out of the box.

Setup is so simple, that you don’t need any specialized tools or knowledge. Everything is clearly laid out for you and the whole process takes less than an hour. If any questions still arise while setting up the system, Frontpoint’s support person will be glad to assist you.

With Frontpoint you’ll have to choose a monthly monitoring plan, but the equipment must be purchased outright. To make the decision easier, Frontpoint offers 30 day trial, for you to try the system, without any commitments.

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The Good

30-day risk-free trial

Price Lock Guarantee

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Highly customizable packages

Easiest setup in the industry

The Less Good

Contract is required with every plan

More expensive than some competitors

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How much does the FrontPoint Security System Cost?


FrontPoint Hub

The FrontPoint Hub is built to run on a 100% cellular connection with a built-in WiFi Backup option. There are no phone lines for intruders to cut and the system is smash-proof.

Hub & Keypad: $299.98


FrontPoint Keypad

FrontPoint keypads are super easy to setup and highly portable so you can install them anywhere around your house. Add multiple keypads around your house as per your requirements.

Price: $49.99


Frontpoint Indoor Camera

See what’s happening around your home and communicate with your family members while you’re away. Frontpoint’s crystal-clear HD cameras will cover every space, whether it’s a tiny office space or a large dining hall.


  • 2-Way Talk
  • Strongest Wireless encryption

Price: $99-$199


Frontpoint Doorbell Camera

With the new slim design Frontpoint’s Doorbell Camera will give you clear, 180-degree view of your door front. As soon as someone will stand in front of your door, you will instantly receive a mobile notification, to see who’s there, before you answer. Camera also includes night-vision.


  • Slim Design
  • 2-Way Talk
  • 180 angle

Price: $189.99


FrontPoint Outdoor Camera

Their outdoor camera comes fully pre-configured and ready to use. Just plug it in and get started. With one of the highest detection range and high resolution capabilities, you'll always have a clear view of what's happening outside your house.

Price: $199.99


Motion Sensor

The motion sensors will always alert you about activities in your home. With 90-degree field of view and motion detection up to 44 feet, no one will pass unnoticed, except your pets. The sensors are pet-friendly, so they can move freely, while the system stays active.

Price: $64.99


Door and Window Sensor

Door and Window Sensors make sure all your entry points are secured. The sytem will notify you in case any door or window has been left open. Any breach will cause the alarm to go off and notify you and the monitoring center.

Price: $32.99


Glass Break Sensor

If any window is broken, you'll know and so will the monitoring team. Be comfortable in your house knowing that all your entry points are secured.

Price: $74.99


Garage Door Sensor

Have you ever left your house and wondered if the garage door is open? The garage door sensor will notify you if the garage has been left open longer than usual.

Price: $44.99


Frontpoint Flood Sensor

Flooding is very costly and damaging. Most people realize the danger, when the house is already flooding. To avoid such an unfortunate situation, Frontpoint offers Flood Sensor. It’s designed to withstand flood-prone areas and is able to warn you when it’s just a tiny leak in your home – to warn you early and prevent flooding before it happens.

Price: $44.99


Frontpoint Smoke and Heat Sensor

Frontpoint’s smoke and heat sensor is ready to alert you of smoke and fire. If a dangerous situation arises, it will immediately send you and Frontpoint’s monitoring center alert. In case of danger, you will be able to quickly evacuate yourself, while the monitoring team will contact the emergency dispatchers.

The sensor will never fail you. If any issues arise, you’ll will receive an alert and Frontpoint will immediately fix it for you. Frontpoint also includes life-time warranty for their smoke and heat sensors.

Price: $64.99


Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Carbon Monoxide detectors help you detect any malfunctioning furnace, gas oven or water heater. Any leak in such devices can turn your indoor air toxic really quick. FrontPoint CO Sensors are field-tested and patented with one of the longest battery lifespans in the industry.

Price: $89.99


Frontpoint Smart Door Lock

Leave the keys home. With the Smart Door Lock, you can lock and enter the doors with a finger-print resistant touchscreen. The touchscreen won’t work on anyone except you and the people you’ve given permission – keeping you safe from code-learning burglars.

Price: $159.99

What pricing packages does FrontPoint offer?

Frontpoint Safe Home Starter Package

Safe Home Starter Package is great, entry-level security system. Including 2 door and window sensors, and a motion sensor, you’ll be able to monitor the main entryways of your home. You’ll receive mobile alert for every movement.

Sensors can be controlled with the Frontpoint touchscreen hub or a keypad, and are monitored by Frontpoint’s team.

What's included in this package?
  • Frontpoint hub and keypad
  • 2 Door/Window sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Yard Sign + 5 Window Decals + 1 Door Sticker

Frontpoint Safe Home Plus Package

Safe Home Plus Package is a great fit for pet owners. This package excludes motion sensor, which could trigger false alarms, and includes additional door and window sensors, as well as – glass break sensors.

With this package you’ll have heightened security with extra sensors, and no false alarms, caused by your pets.

Package includes 24/7 monitoring, but if you’d like to add smart home devices, you should choose slightly more expensive – Interactive plan.

What's included in this package?
  • Frontpoint Hub and Keypad
  • 3 Door/Window Sensors
  • 2 Glass Break Sensors
  • 1 Yard Sign, 5 window decals and 1 door sticker

Frontpoint Safe Home Select Package

If you want the most secure system possible, we suggest Safe Home Select package. This package includes door, window and motion sensors, and includes wireless smoke and heat sensor. It works from anywhere in your home and will be ready to alert you for fire risks. It will also alert you for low batteries or other issues, to ensure it’s always fully functional.

If you choose the Ultimate monitoring plan, you can upgrade the package with additional blue jeans equipment, such as: Security cameras, Smart door locks and Smart lights.

All of the devices can be controlled with the Frontpoint’s touchscreen control panel or mobile app.

What's included in this package?
  • Frontpoint hub and keypad
  • 4 door and windows sensors, 2 motion sensors and a glass break sensor
  • 1 smoke and heat sensor,
  • 1 Yard sign, 1 door sticker and 5 window decals

Compare Frontpoint Security Packages

Frontpoint offers three security packages, with three different monitoring plans. To choose the right plan, first, you must choose your package. For a simple, intrusive security system, you can choose the Protection plan, but if you’re looking for additional, home-automation devices, you will have to choose either Interactive and Ultimate plan.

Safe Home Starter Package Safe Home Plus Package Safe Home Select Package
Equipment starting price 430.95 $548.93 $701.90
24/7 monitoring
Basic equipment included
Motion detection
Glass break sensors
Hazard monitoring
Smart home integration Available with Ultimate Plan Available with Ultimate Plan Available with Ultimate Plan

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What are the features that make FrontPoint great?

Mobile Alerts

In case of an emergency FrontPoint’s monitoring service immediately notifies the alarm owners and their preferred contacts, such as neighbors or other family members. Mobile alerts will keep you updated from anywhere in the world.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Frontpoint security control panels and panic buttons are monitored by Rapid Response 24 hours/day to provide speedy service in case of an emergency.

Wireless Setup

Frontpoint uses fully wireless equipment. That way your house won’t be cluttered with cables and installation won’t require creating holes in your walls. In case of moving, equipment can be easily re-installed.

Surveillance Cameras

With Frontpoint’s cameras you can not only see the visitor, but also respond from anywhere in the world. Cameras can be set both: indoors and outdoors, and include night vision.

DIY Installation

With Frontpoint it’s quick and easy. Equipment comes ready to install and takes under an hour. While installation is truly an easy thing to do, Frontpoint’s team is there to assist you in case it’s needed.

Smart Home Systems

FrontPoint also takes care of your comfort with technologies, such as: light control, climate adjustments and more. They can be controlled with your phone or even voice recognition.

Disaster Protection

Frontpoint includes environmental protective sensors, such as: heat, cold, motion and smoke sensors. With these sensors you will receive alert about emergency before it happens.

Remote Control

Remote control is another convenient way to control the features of your system. It’s built as a keychain and has buttons to arm and disarm the house. It also has a built-in panic buttons that connect directly with emergency dispatchers.

Smash Proof

Even if the Frontpoint’s Hub or Keypad is damaged, the alarm system will still work and notify both: you and the monitoring team.

Always Protecting

Only the safest cellular monitoring is used. This ensures the system will always work, as there are no wires for burglars to cut.

Backups For The Unexpected

Frontpoint has security for your security system. The system is being automatically checked, includes 24-hour rechargeable battery, and warns for power outage.

What are the installation Fees for FrontPoint?

Choose one of the three packages, add preferred additional equipment (if necessary) and choose a monitoring plan that suits your system. Once that is done, you’ll receive all equipment, already pre-programmed, ready to install and ready to protect your home.

The prices for equipment and monitoring plans can be seen in the table below:

Frontpoint Monitoring Plans Activation Price Equipment Price Monthly Price
Protection $0 Starts at $130.95 $34.99
Interactive $0 Starts at $130.95 $44.99
Ultimate $0 Starts at $534.88 $49.99

When choosing your monitoring plan, you can sign either a 1-year or 3-year contract, though some equipment packages require a 3-year contract.

If you’re looking for highly customizable, ready to install, home security system, Frontpoint is the one for you. The ease of DIY setup and the broad range of devices will get your home safe and protected – quick and easy.

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