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Every year around 2 Million homes are burglarized in the United States.* Yet, a huge percentage of homes, don't have a home security system installed. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the traditional lock and key just don't do the job anymore. As human beings we constantly need to feel a sense of security. Then how come the same isn't applied to our homes?

Who's watching out for your home and your prized possessions when you are not around? When you are on a vacation, how can you be sure that everything you left behind is taken care of? Fortunately, technology today gives us tools to do just that. Today's state-of-the-art home security systems help give you the peace of mind you deserve by offering constant security and monitoring.

But how do you know which system is right for you. AlarmJunction has compiled a list of the different security systems available in the market today.

* FBI Uniform Crime Reports - Burglary 2013

Different types of Home Security Systems

Local Alarm System

Local Alarm Systems are the most basic form of home security system. These systems are not monitored by anyone or connected to a security service. Instead, they work by placing various sensors around your house and sounding a loud alarm if or when they detect an intruder.

Think of this system as the fire alarm units installed in each house. Although it does a good job indicating a danger, it's of little to no use if no one is present to tend to the scenario.

Monitored Alarm System

Monitored alarm systems take the security element one step further than the local alarm systems. These systems are connected to a central monitoring system, which is notified in case of an incident. Companies like Protect Your Home - an ADT Authorized Premier Provider, Vivint, FrontPoint, etc are pioneers in such systems. The company's monitoring centers are alarmed in case of an intrusion, fire or gas leak, who in turn can notify the appropriate authorities even when no one is present at home.

The monitored systems help offer the most protection available for your home and that too at a very nominal cost. With several discounts offered by each company, you can now help protect yourself for as low as $1 a day on average.