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$99 Touchscreen Panel & August SmartLock* +
FREE Installation

Upto $1400 in FREE Equipment
*With Select Packages

What makes ProtectAmerica a great choice?

Affordable and known for excellent customer service, ProtectAmerica will protect your family, without costing a fortune. Smart detection sensors. Video monitoring. And exciting home automation features. All can be controlled using a touchscreen control panel, mobile app or even voice commands.

ProtectAmerica offers three different packages and three different monitoring plans, leaving you plenty of space for customization.

Systems can be installed by yourself, but if you’re in a need for help, ProtectAmerica’s team will be glad to assist you.

Once the system is installed, your house will be professionally monitored, day and night. For every suspicious activity you and the monitoring team will receive a notification– keeping your family safe and protected.

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The Good

24/7 monitoring rate

DIY installation

30-day money back guarantee

The Less Good

Monthly plans are more expensive unless you pay upfront

No home automation features with the Landline Plan

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Our Favorite Features of ProtectAmerica Home Security System.

Touchscreen Panel

ProtectAmerica offers a next generation touchscreen panel featuring a large display and sleek housing to give it a sleek and modern look. Control your home from one central location with its smart-home capabilities at a cost-conscious price point.

Protect America Wireless Camera

The crystal-clear HD camera will ensure a clear view - day and night. You will be able not only to see, but communicate with the 2-way audio feature. Camera can be connected to your phone, so you can monitor your home while you’re away and talk with your family.

Protect America Motion Detector

With the smart, built-in heat sensor, device will not let anyone pass unnoticed within 25-foot range. Except, your pets. The detector will let your pets freely roam around, if they weight 40 pounds or less.


Protect America Home Automation

Lock and unlock the doors. Adjust the lights. Control the garage doors. These and much more can be done using the SMART Connect mobile app or voice commands. Protect America security system is capable of working with Amazon Alexa.

Packages and Pricing

Protect America Copper Package

Copper package contains the essentials for heightened intrusion protection. Package includes several door, window and motion detectors, making it a great fit for smaller houses. The sensors will warn you about the movements in entry points – opening and closings.

You will also receive window stickers and yard signs, to keep burglars aware – “This house is protected!”. In most cases, this is already enough to keep them off from your property.

When choosing a monitoring plan, you have 3 options. Each having their advantages (explained in details in the following sections).

Copper package is a great choice, if you have a smaller-sized house.

Equipment included:
  • 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector
  • 4 door/window stickers and 1 yard sign

Protect America Silver Package

The Silver package includes additional door and window sensors for larger homes. With this package you will be able to cover all entry points: windows and doors, to alert for any movement nearby.

All sensors are wireless, therefore, can be placed anywhere in the house and controlled with the touchscreen panel.

Choosing the monitoring plan is individual, but we suggest choosing landline plan only if it’s the only viable option. Broadband and cellular monitoring will be faster and more reliable, as they can’t be deactivated by burglars.

Equipment included:
  • All the features of the Copper Package
    • 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector
    • 4 door/window stickers and 1 yard sign
  • 6 additional door/window sensors

Protect America Platinum Package

With 14 sensors every corner of your house will be carefully monitored. Platinum package is made for large houses with multiple points of entry.

While you can choose either of the three fake rolex monitoring plans, we advise cellular plan. It’s quick and will never fail you. It will keep your system active even when there’s power outage. The cellular plan also includes full home automation capability for ultimate protection and comfort of your family.

Equipment included:
  • All the features of the Silver Package
    • 9 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector
    • 4 door/window stickers and 1 yard sign
  • 5 additional door/window sensors

Compare Protect America Packages

ProtectAmerica offers three packages and three monitoring plans.

Packages differ by the amount of equipment. The copper package is a great fit for apartments or small houses, with a single entry-way. For medium-sized houses, Silver package is suggested. It contains additional sensors to monitor more entry-ways. For very large houses, with several entrances, we suggest Platinum package. With 14 door, window and motion sensors, you will be able to cover every entry-way.

Of course, you can supplement any of the packages with additional equipment, for safety and home automation. These include:

  • HD Video Service (Optional)
  • Smoke & Fire Monitoring (Optional)
  • Smart Door Lock Control (Optional)
  • Garage Door Control (Optional)
  • Smart Lighting (Optional)

NOTE: These extra features are available only for broadband & cellular monitoring plans.

Copper Package Silver Package Platinum Package
Monthly monitoring starting at $19.99 $37.99 $42.99
24/7 monitoring
Basic equipment included
Motion detection
Number of door/window sensors 3 9 14
Smart home integration Available with Broadband & Cellular Plans Available with Broadband & Cellular Plans Available with Broadband & Cellular Plans

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Full list of features

Mobile Alerts

In case of an emergency ProtectAmerica’s monitoring service immediately notifies the alarm owners and their preferred contacts, such as neighbors or other family members. Mobile alerts will keep you updated from anywhere in the world.

24/7 Monitoring

With ProtectAmerica you’re protected 24 hours/day. You can choose either landline, broadband or cellular security connection.

Wireless Equipment

ProtectAmerica uses fully wireless equipment. That way your house won’t be cluttered with cables and installation usually doesn’t require creating holes in your walls. In case of moving, equipment can be easily re-installed.

Surveillance Cameras

With ProtectAmerica’s cameras you can not only see the visitor, but also respond to from anywhere in the world. Cameras can be set both: indoors and outdoors, and include night vision.

DIY Installation

With ProtectAmerica it’s quick and easy. Equipment comes ready to install and setup takes under an hour, without the need for any specialized tools. Once set up, call the ProtectAmerica’s support and have it activated immediately.

Smart Home Options

Using cellular and broadband monitoring plans you can adjust lights, run appliances, lock the doors and more, with the Z-Wave home automation system.

Disaster Protection

ProtectAmerica includes environmental protective sensors, such as: carbon monoxide, motion and smoke sensors. With these sensors you will receive alert about emergency before it happens.

Remote Control

Remote control is another convenient way to control the features of your system. It’s built as a keychain and has a button for arming and disarming your house. It also has a built-in panic buttons that connects with emergency dispatchers.

Lifetime Warranty

Monitoring contracts already include the costs of security equipment. That way you never have to worry about the functionality of your equipment. ProtectAmerica will always keep it up-to-date and ensure flawless functionality.

NOTE: Optional equipment results in additional cost.

Individual Approach

Every system and device is custom built for you, and is shipped from the factory straight to your door.

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Protect America Monthly Monitoring

When choosing a monthly monitoring plan, keep in mind: you get what you pay for. The landline-based plan is the cheapest, but also the least reliable and doesn’t offer home automation features. Yet, the broadband and cellular monitoring plans cost just slightly more and include all the features of home automation, with top-notch reliability.

Protect America Plan Landline Monitoring Cost Broadband Monitoring Cost Cellular Monitoring Cost
Copper $19.99 $41.99 $41.99
Silver $37.99 $49.99 $49.99
Platinum $42.99 $54.99 $54.99


The advantage of landline monitoring is simplicity. Connect to your home telephone line and the system will be able to communicate with the monitoring facility. This plan is the best fit for homes, located in rural areas with no high-speed internet.

Keep in mind, your home must have a landline phone connection already installed.


The advantage of broadband monitoring is speed. Connect the service to your router or modem, and your system will connect to monitoring facility – ready to protect you and warn about emergencies with no delay. Broadband monitoring is so quick, that it takes less than 2 seconds for the monitoring team to receive an alert, after your alarm goes off.

Another advantage is the capability to use home automation features. Using SMART Connect mobile app you'll be able to fully control the system, from anywhere in the world.

Keep in mind, you must have home internet already installed.


Superior reliability and lightning-fast communication with the monitoring facility. Cellular monitoring uses the same cellular towers your cell phones does. While the burglars could destroy your modem or cut your phone wires, there is no way they can take the cellular tower down. That means, even if your phone doesn’t work or power goes out, the security system will still work and immediately notify the monitoring facility in case anything goes wrong.

Cellular monitoring plan also includes the mobile SMART Connect app, and has the capability to fully automate your house, putting the control in your hands.

Protect America Pricing

Copper Silver Platinum
$19.99/month $37.99/month $42.99/month
$19.99/month $37.99/month $42.99/month
Simon XT Control Panel Simon XT Control Panel Simon XT Control Panel
3 Door/Window Sensors 9 Door/Window Sensors 14 Door/Window Sensors
Motion Detector Motion Detector Motion Detector

Optionally you can add any of these devices:

  • HD Video Service (Optional)
  • Smoke & Fire Monitoring (Optional)
  • Smart Door Lock Control (Optional)
  • Garage Door Control (Optional)
  • Smart Lighting (Optional)

How to order?

You have to make two decisions: which package and which monitoring plan.

Start by choosing the package according to your needs. You can choose any of the starting packages or you can choose to upgrade any of them with additional equipment. Once, you have chosen your package, choose the plan that best suits your choice.

Remember: home automation features will only work with broadband and cellular monitoring plan.

It's also wise to keep in mind, that ProtectAmerica will require you to sign 3 year for the equipment. If you choose to cancel the service, you will still have to pay for the equipment, unless you have purchased it upfront.

If you're looking for affordable, reliable, long-term solution, ProtectAmerica is a great choice. Existing packages will provide the necessary equipment to ensure the security of your home and safety of your family.

If you'd like not only secure, but also convenient home automation features, ProtectAmerica will gladly customize a package that suits even the most ambitious desires.

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