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What makes Vivint Home Security a great choice?

Vivint is a leading Smart Home Technology Provider, serving over 1 Million customers across US & Canada. They offer a variety of services like Home Security, Energy Management, Home Automation, Smart Thermostats, Video Doorbells and Smart Door Locks. Vivint is one of the biggest Home Security companies in the United States today and offers the latest tech and a state-of-the-art experience.

Whether you’re looking for a simple monitoring system or a complete smart home overhaul, Vivint is a great fit for you. Starting from simple environmental sensors to fully automated door locks, automatically adjusting climate and countless other features –Vivint is here to ease your life and protect your family.

Vivint is the 2nd largest home security company in the US and offers three different packages, suited for most homeowner needs. But, even if you have highly individual preferences, Vivint offers dozens of customizable features to incorporate into already existing packages.

On top of that, each system will be installed by professional technician, to ensure trouble-free experience. Once they’re set up, you’re able to fully control the system with Vivint’s Smart Hub or your phone! It couldn’t be any more simple than this.

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The Good

Modern Design & Innovative Devices.

Customizable Packages as per your needs

Wireless & Hard-Wired Options

State-of-the-Art Monitoring Service

The Less Good

No DIY installation option.

Short trial period, long contract period.

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What does the Vivint Security System look like?

Vivint Smart Hub

Vivint’s Smart Hub is one of the best looking and most innovative central unit available. It’s completely touchscreen like an iPad and has the capability to connect to Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice control. Control your smart locks, smart thermostat and get all security updates from one central location.


  • 7" HD Touch Display
  • Instant 2-Way Talk
  • Smart-Home Ready
  • Backup Battery

Price: $399

Vivint Ping Camera

Need to see what’s going on in any room in your house? Want to communicate with family members in different parts of your house? Vivint Ping Camera allows you to do all that with just a push of a button. Also get notifications sent directly to your phones about any activity in the house.


  • 2-Way Talk
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • HD + Wide Angle

Price: $199

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Who’s there standing at the door? Is it the mailman? Is it your buddy? There’s no need to guess! Vivint Doorbell Camera will show you and with 2-Way Talk feature it'll let you talk to them as well. The camera can also be connected to your phone, so you could see live video from anywhere in the world.


  • 2-Way Talk
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • HD + Wide Angle

Price: $229

VIVint Outdoor Camera

Keep an eye outside and around your house with the outdoor camera. Think of it as your own personal security guard patrolling your home 24/7. Vivint's outdoor camera is equipped with Smart Sentry feature which intelligently identifies true threats.


  • Smart Sentry
  • 4K Sensor
  • 2-Way Talk

Price: $299

Motion Sensor

State-of-the art Motion Sensors monitor for any movement in your house while you're away. Any movement inside your house will set off the alarm and notify your 24/7 monitoring center. Activate your alarm in Stay Mode if you're home to activate system but leave the motion sensors off.

Price: $70

Door/Window Sensors

Door and Window Sensors make sure all your entry points are secured. The sytem will notify you in case any door or window has been left open. Any breach will cause the alarm to go off and notify you and the monitoring center.

Price: $35

Glass Break Sensors

If any window is broken, you'll know and so will Vivint's monitoring team. Be comfortable in your house knowing that all your entry points are secured.

Price: $70

Smoke Detector

Fires can start anywhere in the house. Just a small short-circuit, something in your furnace room or just something as simple as the burner left on, can cause fire to break out. Sleep peacefully knowing that Vivint's Smoke Detectors got your back.

Price: $70

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide detectors help you detect any malfunctioning furnace, gas oven or water heater. Any leak in such devices can turn your indoor air toxic really quick. Vivint CO detectors use electochemical sensors to identify any gas leak.

Price: $70

Water Sensor

Protect your home in case there's any water leak or temperature drops anywhere in the house that could cause your pipes to burst. The Water sensor will immediately notify you.

Price: $70

Google Home

Vivint security system comes ready to work with Google Home right out-of-the-box. Start controlling your home with voice commands right away. System can also be armed using voice commands.

Amazon Alexa

Not a Google Home fan? Don't worry! Vivint works with Amazon's Echo Products as well. Just ask Alexa to do things around your house without having to get up.

Nest Thermostat

Whether you already have a Nest Thermostat installed, or have been thinking about getting one, your Vivint Security System will be able to link up with it. Turn temperature up or down thru the Vivint App or via voice control using Google Home or Alexa.

Price: $250

Vivint Element Thermostat

Imagine, you come home, and the temperature is just right. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just a warm, cozy feeling with a gentle breath of freshness. And it’s always like that. With Vivint Element, simply, set your ideal temperature once and the smart device will take care of the rest.

Price: $150

Vivint App

For you, to truly enjoy the comfort in your home, all Vivint systems come with a mobile app called the Vivint App.

Vivint App gives you full control of the system and is packed with features for powerful and effortless control over your safety and comfort even from around the world.

What pricing packages does Vivint offer?

Vivint Home Security System Package

If you’re looking for state-of-the-art security at entry-level pricing, Vivint’s most basic Home Security Package will be great for you. Track the activity in your house with smart motion sensors and prepare yourself for emergencies before they happen, whether it’s flooding, freezing, dangerously heating or already smoking. This package contains the necessary equipment to prevent such emergencies and can be fully controlled with a touchscreen dashboard.

The package also includes direct access to Vivint’s monitoring team, which will constantly monitor the activities in your house and immediately respond to any possible emergency.

If you’re looking for simple monitoring services, Vivint’s Smart Security System is amongst your best choices.

Equipment included:
  • SkyControl Starter Kit (1 panel, 2 smart sensors, 1 motion sensor)
  • Smoke detector

Vivint Video Security Package

Want to step up a little? There’s nothing like being able to see exactly what’s going on in your house at any moment of time. The Video Security Package will let you do just that at a very affordable price.

Get your eyes on your house. See who’s at the door and speak with the visitor with Vivint Doorbell Camera. See what’s happening in another room or talk with your family while you’re away with Vivint’s Ping Camera. Vivint’s Video Security package includes all the necessary equipment for you to see what’s happening both: inside and outside of your house. Yes, even when it’s dark (cameras include night vision).

And you don’t have to check the cameras and wait for something to happen. Instead, when you’re asleep or have left the house, Vivint’s monitoring team will track the activity 24/7 and warn you for every suspicious activity.

Equipment included:
  • SkyControl Starter Kit (1 panel, 2 smart sensors, 1 motion sensor)
  • Doorbell camera, Ping camera and an outdoor camera

Vivint Smart Complete Package

Can’t decide between previous two packages? Or maybe you want both of them? If you’re looking for the most secure system, with favorable home automation features on top of that, the Vivint Smart Complete package is the one for you. Package includes premium level security and convenient home automation equipment – to provide the most of security and comfort for your family.

With these products, you’ll be able to easily open and close the garage door, lock the doors when leaving home, create a comfortable climate at home and much more. All with a single tap on your dashboard, mobile phone or even voice system.

Of course, as with the other replica rolex packages, Vivint’s monitoring team will be there for you, constantly monitoring and protecting your family

Equipment included:
  • SkyControl Starter Kit (1 panel, 2 smart sensors, 1 motion sensor)
  • Smart garage controller and Element thermostat
  • Outdoor camera and a smart door lock with a nickel deadbolt

Compare Vivint Packages

Vivint offers three packages, which can be used as they are or upgraded with additional equipment.

Home security package covers the essentials with motion and environmental sensors.

Video Security package adds enhanced, live-video protection. But if you want the most secure system, choose the Complete package and add your preferred home automation devices.

Home Security Package Video Security Package Complete Package
Equipment starting price $669.99 $1329.96 $1739.93
24/7 monitoring
Basic equipment
Motion detection
Smoke detector
Smart home integration
Environmental monitoring Included with plan Included with plan Included with plan

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What are the Features that make Vivint great?

Remote Access

Access your security system from anywhere in the world and get real-time alerts on your mobile phone or tablet to stay in the know. The monitoring center is also notified immediately in case anything goes wrong.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Vivint uses secure cellular monitoring, opposing to landline monitoring, which can be cut off by natural disasters or thieves - directly cutting the communication wires. It works 24/7 and will never let anything go unnoticed.

Wireless Setup

Vivint uses fully wireless equipment. That way your house won’t be cluttered with cables and installation usually doesn’t require creating holes in your walls. In case of moving, equipment can be easilyre-installed.

High Res Cameras

With Vivint’s cameras you can not only see the visitor, but also respondfrom anywhere in the world. Cameras can be set both; indoors and outdoors, and include night vision.

Professionals Installation

Vivint sets your safety as top priority, therefore all systems are installed by professionals - ensuring flawless functionality and long-lasting reliability.

Smart Home Capabilty

Vivint also takes care of your comfort with technologies, such as: light control, climate adjustments and more. They can be controlled with your phone or even voice recognition.

Disaster Protection

Vivint includes environmental protective sensors, such as: heat, cold, motion and smoke sensors. With these sensors you will receive alert about emergency before it happens.

Remote Garage Control

Never be caught wondering if you left the garage door open. Close/open the garage door from anywhere with the remote access app.

Voice Control

Vivint's security system comes ready to work with Smart Home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Adjust your thermostat, turn lights on/off and do a lot more just by talking to your system.

What are the Installation Fees for Vivint?

Vivint Home Security system requires professional installation. Installation fee is one-time and typically ranges from $49.99 up to $199.99 for the most complex set-ups. Professional installation ensures flawless functionality and eradicates the worries about any future complications.

Vivint Package Monthly Monitoring Cost Equipment Cost Installation Cost
Basic Package $29.99 Starting at $599.99 Starting at $49.99
Video Security Package $39.99 Starting at $599.99 Starting at $49.99
Smart Complete Package $49.99 Starting at $599.99 Starting at $49.99

How to order a Vivint Home Security System?

You can pay for the equipment outright or you can use Vivint Flex Pay monthly installments. Vivint Flex Pay offers affordable 0% APR financing on equipment and a payment period up to 5 years. Credit Check is required to qualify for the Flex Pay option and certain restrictions apply.

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