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Best Home Security Companies of 2021

We've reviewed all the major professional install and DIY security options to help you determine which is the best home security system for you.


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At AlarmJunction.com we do strenuous research and grind work to bring together Home Security Companies that are at the forefront of the home security field. We understand how important the safety of your home and loved ones is and for that reason, we encourage all our customers to compare the different companies and the various systems each of them offer. With the technology advancing as fast as it is, you can now be confident that your home and belongings are safe, no matter where you are.

Here is a list of security statistics that will shock you:

  • In 2013, over 8 million property crime offenses were reported in the United States.*
  • Larceny accounts for approximately 70% of all property crimes.*
  • Burglary of residential properties accounted for 74% of all burglary offenses.**
  • Losses resulting from these crimes totalled approximately $16.6 billion.*
  • Over 35% of all the burglaries occur due to an open door or an unlocked window.*

* FBI Uniform Crime Reports - Property Crime 2013

** FBI Uniform Crime Reports - Burglary 2013

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Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider

Average System Price: $42.99/month

Installation Fee: $99

Protect Your Home is one of the largest home security companies in the world. As an ADT Authorized Premier Provider, Protect Your Home has installation branches all throughout the US and can have an ADT monitored system installed in most locations within 24 hours. Call now to speak to an experienced home security specialist and see how you can help protect your home too.

FrontPoint Security

Average System Price: $42.99/month

Setup Cost: $99.95

FrontPoint Security is perhaps the largest provider of wireless home security products in the United States. Their state-of-the-art systems utilize the cellular technology to keep your house wired-in all the time, even in case of power-outages. Wireless systems offer ease of installation and can be controlled and monitored from anywhere, all at a very reasonable cost.

Protect America Products and Services

Average System Price: $19.99/month

Setup Cost: FREE

Whether it is home or business security or home automation services, Protect America Inc. offers it all. With over $600 in savings in the cost of system alone, You can now protect your home and business at a cost lower than an average lunch.

Protection 1 Security

Average System Price: $24.99/month

Setup Cost: $99

Protection 1 is one of the most highly rated full service security companies in the US. With over 1 million home and business customers, Protection 1 provides a full array of security products and benefits like real-time monitoring, text alerts, 20% off home insurance and many more.


Average System Price: $49.99/month

Setup Cost: $99

Vivint is one of the fastest growing home security companies in the nation. With over 40 years in the security industry, Vivint has created some of the most state-of-the-art technology and propreitary systems to protect homeowners and businesses.

AlarmJunction has a vast network of security companies that we work with. These were just a few examples of the most popular brands. To get a personalized quote from our service providers in your area, please fill out our quote form and compare for yourself.